What is Propolis?


Propolis, sometimes passionately referred to as “bee adhesive”, is a resinous product created by honey that works as a sealer for unwanted areas in a hive. Honeybees additionally utilize it to line the within nest caries, repair the honeycomb, as well as close the entrance point of the hive. Without propolis, the hives can be at risk of bacteria and viruses. Honey bees develop propolis by thoroughly mixing together tree sap, plant material, as well as beeswax.

How does it benefit people?

Using propolis ointment as wellness goes back centuries. The old Romans, Greeks, as well as Egyptians, were aware of its recovery properties, as well as made substantial use of it as a form of medication. Because of its naturally high antimicrobial, as well as antioxidant buildings, propolis has actually been utilized to support the body’s all-natural defenses with upper breathing system infections, aching throats, skin infections, and/or various other mouth infections, as well as aid in the healing of minor wounds.

How do you collect the Propolis from the hives?

In order to collect raw Propolis, beekeepers use something called a Propolis Trap, which is basically a plastic display placed on top of the hives to resemble the voids in a hive. When the honey bees have actually sealed the holes with propolis, the beekeepers very carefully remove it from the catches.

What does the PFL quality marker imply?

The PFL quality marker represents Propolis flavonoid level, as well as refers to the assured levels of Flavonoids, as well as Phenolics located in every dose products.

What are Flavonoids as well as Phenolics?

Flavonoids and Phenolics are expensive words for plant compounds that contain high degrees of the antioxidant task. Flavonoids are located in a lot of vegetables and fruits, as well as have been credited to most of the health advantages located in plant-based diet plans.

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