Reasons why patients should consider the All-on-4 dental procedure.  



The All-on-4 dental procedure refers to the technique of strategically placing four implants for the provision of additional jaw bone support and holding the teeth in position. Most patients who have missing teeth are potential customers for this procedure however, cosmetic dentists who specialise in All On 4 dental implants will have to do oral exams before booking you for the procedure. These exams are usually meant to determine if you have adequate jaw bone mass for supporting the implants. If the jawbone mass is inadequate, you will be referred to a surgeon for buildup and only then can the All-on-4 procedure be done to you.

Placing of the dental implants.

The placement of the implants is procedural and will take several visits to the dentist before completion. The first step will involve consultation from the doctor, discussing the procedure in detail after which an implant will be placed into the jawbone usually directly under the gum tissue. The dentist will advise on the amount of time you will have to wait for the gum tissue to heal and the implant to be firmly anchored into the jawbone before the next step. Afterward, the dentist will fit an abutment on the implant followed by a crown that is identical to a natural tooth.

Benefits of the All-on-4 procedure.

Teeth have many vital purposes such as eating, clear articulation of speech and general aesthetics which can be a problem if they are missing. The All-on-4 procedure, however, can fix these problems and present other benefits for the patient which include;

Restored self-confidence.

When people are missing teeth, it usually tends to affect the way people deal with colleagues, customers, etc. A study by Bupa showed that 42% of employees found it distracting to work with someone who had bad teeth. Another 29%revealed that it affected their confidence and ability to work well. The procedure will ensure such patients get a good dental structure which will boost their confidence when relating with other people and at making them more productive at work especially if their profession requires a lot of interaction with other people.

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Eating anything you feel like.

It can be embarrassing and awkward to eat in public with missing teeth, they can furthermore prevent you from eating certain food which can be frustrating especially if the food you want is that which your teeth cannot manage. The implants, however, can completely restore the full chewing power for all foods with no constant fear of failure anytime you go for a meal in public.

Beautiful smile.

Research has proven that about 28% of employees rarely smile at work because of the lack of confidence in their teeth. A good smile is a very important asset in the workplace and may help you to relate well with customers and other colleagues as well. This may, however, be an issue if you have missing teeth or other dental anomalies however the All-on-4 can firmly replace the missing teeth and give you an amazing smile despite the extent of dental issues.

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