What to Look for in a Weed Storage Bag When Buying One?


Every marijuana lover is well aware of the problems of storing weed – too much moisture ruins the strength and aroma and too much sunlight ruins the taste and texture. So, it is the unavailability of correct weed storage products that is the most common problem that people face. If you’re one of those people who have used airtight plastic bags and even markers to store weed flowers and joints and have yet ended up disappointed, then, it’s about time that you start using high-quality bags like the Hush-kush weed storage bags. The guide below will take you through the different benefits – and types – offered by this brand. So, let’s get started! 

  1. The Bags are Smell Proof

The Hush Kush odor proof bags have beeswax primed on the inside of the bag’s surface. It removes all kinds of odors. Some such best bags listed by this brand are given below. Have a look! 

  • The Henna’s One Love Pouch
  • The Scott’s Classic Pouch
  • The Josie’s Mind Pouch
  1. These Bags are Size Customizable

The Hush-kush bags are spacious and lightweight. Since their size can be customized, you can actually use 1 single pouch to store:

  • Multiple pre-rolled joints 
  • Multiple half smoked joints
  • Weed flowers 

You can use them flat when storing weed flowers and can fold or roll them when storing joints. 

  1. These Bags are Waterproof

Developed with the Perma-B technology, the bags and pouches by this brand are specifically made waterproof. As a result, you can carry your joints when camping, hiking, or backpacking without worrying about moist conditions since these bags are waterproof. 

  1. These Bags are Washable

You can easily wash your bags directly under running water to remove the remnants of joints and weed flowers. In fact, you can also use lukewarm water and an alcohol free gentle soap from time to time. The bags won’t lose their qualities at all and will remain waterproof and odor proof. 

Besides, when cleaned and cared for, every pouch can last for more than 1 year without wear and tear. 

  1. These Bags are Biodegradable

Made with beeswax and other eco-friendly raw materials, these bags are biodegradable. Another thing to note is that Hush-kush pouches can whiten overtime. All you have to do is simply rub their surface with coconut oil and they’ll become just as good as new. 

All in all, such biodegradable bags are the best economical weed storage options. You can check their website – https://hush-kush.com/ – for more details. 

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