The reasons for Using the Penis Enhancement Cream


One of the biggest sexual concerns of men is penis size. In the following lines you will see if this aspect of the male anatomy is important or not. Pay attention, because some points may surprise you.

How long is a normal penis

There are different measurements depending on where you are in the world. Generally speaking, the countries in which men have the largest penis are located in Africa and South America. On the other hand, Asian countries register the lowest averages.

The average ranges between 13 and 15 centimeters. When talking about the average, it means that there are bigger and smaller ones. If this is the case, there is no need to worry. In fact, in some Asian countries the average is even less than 10 centimeters.

Boston Medical Group has also established its own mean, which ranges from 7 to 16 centimeters. Although the difference above is only one centimeter, below it is up to 6 centimeters. This is probably due to the fact that those with a penis under 5 inches have not volunteered for the general study. Boston Medical’s data is drawn from the actual lengths recorded by its patients.

But is penis size really that important? Next, we will clarify this question for you objectively. The answer is based on realistic opinions and studies on the importance of penis size, and not on the fantasies of some people. There comes Titan Gel Gold with the perfect solutions.

Recommendations if you have a small penis

There are many techniques, devices, and medications that promise to lengthen the penis. You have to flee from this type of advertising. They are false and some can cause serious damage , some irreparable. So the best thing is not to go to these remedies to solve the problems. The best thing you can do is what we show you below:

Maintain open communication with the couple. If you feel some kind of complex, don’t shut up and keep it a secret. Talk it over with your partner and make her aware of your concern. Her being part of it will make you feel good and you will appreciate it. Suffering the problem alone can affect the relationship very negatively. Fears can cause a lack of sexual desire to occur and the frequency with which sexual encounters occur to decrease. That may be misunderstood by the other party, so it is best to honestly explain what it feels like to the partner.

Talk about what you like to feel and experience

One may attribute the lack of sexual interest to the size of the penis, but most likely it has nothing to do with it. Your partner has personal tastes and it is good to talk about it. If you notice that your partner loses interest, do not be too quick to think that it is because of the size of the penis. You may like to feel and experience different things during sex. Maybe you want time to be spent on foreplay or other positions to be tried.


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