Give your Face a Power Pack with Face Serums from Lookfantastic


When it comes to taking care of your skin, there are three important steps to follow which are cleansing, toning, and then moisturizing. However, the times have now changed; our skin has gotten more complex because of climate change and pollution in the air. No one needs to have face serums as well to complete their facial skincare treatment. In modern times, now the skincare treatment requires four important, the fourth being the serum. If you’re in the UAE and are looking for the best variety of face serums, then Lookfantastic is the best place to shop from. With the use of Lookfantastic discount code UAE, you can get amazing discounts on these amazing face serums.

What Are They?

Face serums are formula water or oil-based liquids. They are packed with nourishing elements for your skin such as Vitamins, hydrants, and botanical extracts. They are made to repair skin, keep it hydrated, moisturized, nourished and glowing. They help in healing skin, regenerating skin cells, filling pores, and clearing scars. Lookfantastic has some of the widest range of face serums from different brands. They have serums for different skin types which help in making the choice easier. With the use of Lookfantastic discount code UAE, you can avail discounts on your favorite serum.

Highly Absorbent

Some people may confuse the face serums for moisturizers, however, they are wrong. Unlike regular face creams and moisturizers, they have molecules that are 70% absorbent in the skin providing deep nourishment and care. Their ingredients are active and highly concentrated making it a perfect power pack for your facial skin. It has deep skin penetration, keeps skin hydrated, and reduces signs of aging such as wrinkles, pigmentation, large pores, fine lines, age spots, and uneven tones. Face serums also help in reducing acne and acne scars on the skin. Use the Lookfantastic discount code UAE and get your hands on the best face serum to give your face the best nourishment it deserves.

Applying the Serum

Using a face serum is very easy. After you are done cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin, use the face serum. These serums usually come in bottles with droppers, a couple of drops makes it enough to be used on the entire face. Since they have a high concentration of active ingredients that is why a single or double drop is more than enough. Apply the serum with your finger and gently tap it on your entire skin, this makes the serum absorb and blend more in your skin. Use the Lookfantastic discount code UAE to get your hands on the brands which have serums in bottles along with dropper for easy application.

Selecting the Right One

Getting the right face serum is very important. However, shopping for it isn’t a difficult task. Just like you’ve known what time of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer your skin needs, you can select the same type in the serums for your facial skin. Make sure to follow the ingredients and skin types mentioned on the products present at Lookfantastic. If it’s your first time shopping for the face serums, then make sure to use the Lookfantastic discount code UAE to get your hands on multiple face serums of the types which suit your skin and then try using them. Later you can select the one which suits you best and then shop for it in the future once your bottle finishes.

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