4 Secrets to sparkling white and healthy teeth


Achieving healthy and white teeth could be a dream to many of us but, it is not an impossible thing to make it real. Plentiful of treatments are available at dental care centres to give you those perfect white teeth. If you wish for a sparkling smile, teeth whitening strips are safe and easy to use.

Keeping the teeth white and healthy for long could be a task but, an easy task to do. All you need is patience and some activeness in your routine with the teeth.

  1. Baking soda:

Using baking soda for teeth cleaning could be the most natural way. Many people mix it in their toothpaste and rub it on their teeth for some seconds for clean and fresh teeth.

  1. Correct toothpaste:

Your toothpaste works a vital role in removing plaque and stains that are responsible for yellow teeth. If you wish for white tooth for long, ensure that your toothpaste has fluoride. Brush with the same toothpaste twice a day for long lasting results.

  1. Get a mouthwash:

Make mouthwash a daily routine apart from brushing too. Some dentists would bluntly ask you to skip meals but not brushing and mouthwash! Bad breath is a major turn off for those looking for a business deal to get closed or to date. Get a good mouthwash before every meet.

  1. Intake of water:

Include good amount of water intake in your body. A hydrated body always shines and so does teeth. Drinking plentiful of water may also remove sticky food particles from mouth and keep your teeth glossy.

  1. Teeth whitening strips:

Go for teeth whitening teeth if you are willing to get your shine and sparkle bath. Some strips are from reputed company and the effects last for long. Check with your dentist for some good brands that you can trust.

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