The Most Effective Method to Appropriately Ship Casualties


The casualty ought to be moved as fast, securely, and sparingly as could really be expected. Contingent upon the kind of injury and the accessible means, the casualties can be moved in an unexpected way: support, completing in the hands, transportation by transport. Go to Erste-Hilfe Kurs for acquiring basic skills of first aid.

  • Continuously transport the injured down or up, head up.
  • It is important to lay the casualty on a cot from the side inverse to the harmed part of the body.
  • In the event of spinal injury, particularly the cervical spine, transportation of the casualty is very perilous. Without outside risk, we suggest hanging tight for an emergency vehicle.
  • In case it is important to move the casualty to somewhere else, do it on a level, hard surface (entryway, sheets, board), without shaking (stroll with an aide on the order head to head, ordinarily start by making a stride with the left foot).

When to give emergency treatment

Erste hilfe kurs neuperlach süd tells conditions in which medical aid is given:

  • absence of awareness;
  • discontinuance of breathing and blood dissemination;
  • outside bleeding;
  • unfamiliar collections of the upper respiratory plot;
  • wounds to different spaces of the body;
  • consumes, impacts of openness to high temperatures, heat radiation;
  • frostbite and different impacts of openness to low temperatures;
  • harming.

What to think about while giving emergency treatment

You will be frightened – this is typical among the students of notfallmedizin erste hilfe kurs münchen. You will be apprehensive for yourself, for the person in question, and for the way that you can commit an error some place. Before you accomplish something, rapidly ask yourself which will be more regrettable: maladroit activity or inaction. The primary standard of any help is to do no mischief. Notice it consistently.

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