4 Things to remember while traveling to Guwahati amidst Omicron scare


India is slowly edging towards having a lockdown due to the rise of COVID cases in the country. Almost all the states are severely affected by the third wave with a huge population showing signs of infection. Thousands of people are testing positive every day and traveling has become extremely unsafe with this new scare of the omicron variant. Many rules and regulations have been placed on both domestic and international travelers in India so that they follow all COVID protocols and avoid catching an infection or infecting others. People who are looking forward to traveling to Guwahati should be mindful of all these restrictions and we have combined a guide on the rules and details like the RT-PCR test in Guwahati for convenience.

Rules and restrictions to follow in Guwahati

The corona scare has hampered the regular day-to-day working of the country and has curbed the free movement of people. However, it’s not possible to stop traveling and working entirely because then the country would collapse completely. People might have to travel to places like Guwahati for work or to return to their homes for safety. In this situation, you need to know certain rules and regulations that you must follow when you are traveling to Guwahati. Some of these important rules are mentioned below:-

1.  RT-PCR test in Guwahati for international travelers

According to government directives, people traveling from major countries should have to take an RT-PCR test in Guwahati to know if they are carrying infection from abroad. People are requested to test themselves at all international airports so that they know for sure. You will not be allowed to take an onward flight to Guwahati if you are found to be positive in any of the international airports.

2.  Home quarantine for all international travelers testing negative

All international travelers who have been allowed to take an onward flight to Guwahati after receiving a negative covid test should be quarantining themselves for at least 7-14 days. This would make sure they don’t infect others in case they have caught an infection during their travel to Guwahati. It is advised to travelers to take an RT-PCR test in Guwahati after completing home quarantine or noticing symptoms of infection.

3.  Double vaccination certificates or RT PCR test reports for domestic arrivals

If you are traveling to Guwahati from other states be it by rail, road, or air, you will be required to carry double vaccination certificates during your travel. People who have taken only one dose or haven’t taken a vaccine yet, need to carry a negative report of the RT-PCR test in Guwahati or elsewhere that is not older than 72 hours.

4.  Double vaccination certificates or RT-PCR test for Hotel stays

Double vaccination certificates are not only required for traveling but also for staying in Guwahati. People who have received both the doses of COVID vaccine need to produce their certificates on reaching their lodges or hotels. They can also take an RT-PCR test in Guwahati or carry a negative report of a test not older than 72 hours.

Traveling is extremely risky amidst the omicron scare. Since this variant is spreading very fast, there are high risks involved for all parties. People who need to travel should follow all COVID protocols so that they are protected from the virus. All travelers should try to quarantine or isolate themselves on arrival to Guwahati or even take an RT-PCR test in Guwahati to be sure about being safe from the virus. Make sure you follow all these rules and regulations and avoid venturing out unless necessary.

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