Online Therapy: How the new therapeutic treatment modality works


Online therapy is essential for human beings. If we look for a definition for psychotherapy, we will see that it is linked to the treatment of psychological problems, relationship problems, or problems related to mental health. 

However, a new form of therapy has emerged with the help of technology and the internet. Online therapy comes as a more accessible way for patients to do their therapy sessions.

In these texts, we will show you what online therapy is, how it works, what are the benefits, and what the Federal Council of Psychology says.

Understand What Online Psychology Is And Its History

No one can deny that technology is already taking over our world. And, thanks to the internet, several traditional services had to reinvent themselves in order not to become obsolete.

Therefore, professionals from anywhere in the world can offer treatment at a distance. Online therapies are a great example of this.

Online therapy is therapy sessions, counseling and psychological counseling carried out on video calling platforms, using the internet. In addition to video calls with the psychologist, the patient can still have the support of the professional by exchanging text messages or e-mails.

However, distance therapy is not an entirely new concept. Sigmund Freud may have been the first psychologist to use this method, communicating through letters to his patients. 

Another aspect that may have helped in the emergence and legalization of online therapy, were the support forums and self-help groups. These two platforms emerged in the 1980s, in the United States.

Currently, in addition to online therapies, the internet is full of videos, websites, and social media accounts that focus on mental health and psychology. 

Benefits Of Online Therapy

Online therapy has numerous benefits. From the lack of mobility to the practicality of starting the session, we will mention some benefits.

Accessibility For Physical And Psychological Limitations

Online therapy can be 100% performed on online platforms. In this way, people with mobility difficulties, who move with the help of, for example, wheelchairs, do not have so much difficulty in having access to psychological treatment.

Also, people who have certain phobias may feel more comfortable conducting psychotherapy sessions online, so that they do not come into contact often with their fear. The psychologist must find alternative ways to treat the phobia if that is the main point of treatment.

Access In Remote Areas

In addition to the ease of mobility, often, distance care makes treatment more accessible. This is because not all regions offer the same number of professionals. Still, not so much with the same quality.

More Accessible Information

Many people may not feel comfortable talking about mental health with family and friends. So they seek information and even treatment on the internet.

Ease For People Who Are Constantly Changing

Some people need, for several reasons, to change cities constantly. For these people, face-to-face therapy would be more of a headache than a way to improve health. In this way, online therapy sessions become more convenient and practical, especially for those who live abroad. 

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