Follow these six home workouts for a strong core


A regular workout can improve muscle strength and boost endurance. It also helps the cardiovascular system work more efficiently. However, in our busy schedules, we often find it challenging to take time out to go to the gym. Hence, many people and fitness enthusiasts have started doing workout at home and joining a healthy living program! A movement aids well in weight management.

One’s core is the foundation of all the movements. Below are six home workouts for strong core- 

Bicycle crunch

Many people do this workout at home. One should lie on the back with hands behind the head, lift their shoulder blades off the mat, and raise legs, so the knees are bent at 90 degrees. The right elbow should be rotated toward the left knee. The right leg should be straight and kept close to the floor without resting it on the mat.

Side hip bridge

Many people try to do their workout at home owing to their busy schedules. The person should start by lying on the right side with the left foot on top of the right and right forearm on the mat. The elbow should be under the shoulder. The palm should be flat with the fingers spread, and the left hand should be kept on the hip.

Reverse crunch

The person should start lying on their back with hands by sides, legs lifted off the ground at a 45-degree angle, and toes pointed. The person should then push down into arms and pull knees into the chest until hips lift off the mat, which keeps the core engages. Ten reps should be completed.

Seated rotation

The person should sit on the floor and lean back until their abs are entirely engaged. The legs should be lifted and bent at 90 degrees, arms should be bent, and hands clasped with elbows wide. The person should rotate his torso to his right side so that the right elbow hovers off the mat. The upper body should be rotated to the left side until the left elbow is off the mat. Many people try this workout at home only! A minimum of ten reps of this workout should be completed.

Air chop

The person should stand still with his feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. The arms should be raised overhead, and elbows bent so the hands can be clasped behind the body. The person should swing his arms forward and down and stop when they reach chest level. This workout is the most popular one, which can be done from the comfort of one’s home. Fitness enthusiasts try this workout at home!

Extended arm plank bird dog

The person should start in a plank position and lift the left arm and right leg off the mat at the same time and keep the hips straight. He should then slowly return to the start and repeat this on the opposite side.

At least ten reps should be completed for better results. 

These are some of the workouts that are fun, engaging and easy to do!



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