Cetilistat Powder Manufacturer Helps You Not To Get Pear Or Apple


In a nutshell, if your body mass index (BMI) is more than 30, you are suffering from obesity. But this condition makes you more prone to heart disease, stroke, gallbladder stone and disease, high blood pressure, gout, breathing problem, and osteoarthritis. Every patient of obesity does not suffer from these diseases but becomes more vulnerable if you have a family history of any condition. The area of the body where the fat accumulates also matter. Generally, fat is build up around the stomach (the apple shape), which is riskier than the building up of fat around your hips and buttocks (the pear shape).

The risk associated with obesity

The extra intake of calories turns into fat, which increases your blood pressure, cholesterol. Both these conditions are congenial for heart disease and stroke. As you age, your blood pressure niche higher. The blood pressure is the force exerted on the arteries by the blood flow. High blood pressure damages the arteries and makes the heart pump harder. When you are overweight, it makes the heart work overtime, pushing the blood forcefully through the arteries. The arteries resist the flow of blood, increasing your blood pressure.

Obesity is closely associated with type 2 diabetes. People who are older or middle-aged are more prone to this type of diabetes, but children and teens can also be affected by it due to childhood obesity. Insulin is secreted from the pancreas, which converts glucose into energy. People who have type 2 diabetes make insulin, but the effectiveness of the hormone is significantly reduced. The pancreas secrets more insulin at first stage to cope with the situation; to penetrate glucose through the cell wall. But later it cannot, and the level of glucose increase in the blood. Extra weight, mainly on the stomach, can cause insulin resistance. Gallbladder stone and disease is also closely related to obesity. But if you start losing weight rapidly or a large amount of weight in a short time, you are likely to get gallstone. 

Treatment for obesity

Treatment for overweight and obesity depends on the conditions and severity of the state. Change in lifestyle, diet, weight loss treatment programs, medicine, and surgery are available treatment options.  Cetilistat powder manufacturer produces effective drug to treat obesity. Change your eating habit to a healthy one; the right amount of calories is required for optimal weight. To lose extra fat and to maintain it gradually lowers your daily calorie intake. Consult a dietician to plan your diet. Regular exercise comes with multiple benefits; it helps you to maintain optimal body weight, lose extra pounds, and successfully maintain healthy body weight. Consult a physician before you start exercising; he will recommend the right type of exercise suitable for you. 

Optimal, well-balanced food, physical activity is a well-established fact to prevent obesity. The daily right dose of exercise lowers your blood pressure, reduces body fat, and improves glucose metabolism, imperative for good health. A healthy diet and brisk exercise minimize the possibility of type 2 diabetes, CVDs, colon and breast cancer. Daily exercise helps you to maintain mental and physical health and right body weight. 


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