Ivermectin, Japan’s “wonder drug”: a human perspective

The pioneering drug ivermectin, a dihydro derivative of avermectin discovered in the late 1970s and derived solely from a single microorganism isolated from Japanese soil at the Kitasato Institute in Tokyo, Japan, has had an immeasurable positive impact on the lives and welfare of billions of people around the world. It kills a wide spectrum of internal and external parasites in commercial livestock and companion animals, and it was first marketed as veterinary medicine. It was rapidly determined to be great for battling two of the world’s most deadly and disfiguring diseases, which have afflicted the world’s impoverished for ages across the tropics. It is now being utilized as the sole weapon in global initiatives to eradicate both illnesses for free. It’s also been utilized to successfully conquer a variety of other human challenges. Buy iverheal 12mg online

This research delves into the events that led to ivermectin’s transition from huge success in animal health to broad usage in humans, a development that has led to it being dubbed a “miracle” drug by many.

Most users orally said that as follows

  • This was used as a scabies treatment. I started taking ivermectin two days ago after two unsuccessful treatments with permethrin cream. I’ve already noticed a difference. There are no new pimples, the rashes are drying up, and the bites are mending. I would strongly advise anyone who hasn’t had luck with topical creams to try this drug. The medicine did cause me to get pinprick feelings in my hands and feet, as well as abdominal ache, however, these symptoms went away quickly when the medicine wore off
  • The medication is effective against scabies, but I also take other cardiac medications. Ivermectin and one of my other medications must have reacted, resulting in some extra PVCs.
  • I had rosacea for 6 years and finally found a dermatologist who recommended ivermectin orally. I no longer have the terrible itching and the oozing is healing, so I’m hoping this is the cure; it’s been horrible!
  • Everything I tried, from bleaching and coloring my hair to topical OTCs and home cures, nothing helped. I had lice for over a year, by which time my head was so bitten up that washing or putting water on it was terrible. I was on the verge of shaving my head, but in a last-ditch effort to salvage my beloved hair, I discovered Ivermectin (Stromectol). The next day, I went to my local Centra Care, took the four medications prescribed to me, and waited. The next morning, I awoke to see the vermin’ corpses all over my pillow! I washed the rest of it out, as well as my sheets and my hands! I was overjoyed that it had succeeded.

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