3 Good Reasons Why You Don’t Have To Use Mascara Anymore


Mascara has been one of the cosmetic tools used by many women, especially those in their 20’s when they seek to beautify themselves either for work or for a gathering. The consumption of mascara has increased for over several years as it helps eyelashes to elongate and give a volume into it. Also, it gives the eyelashes a darker effect. And for some reason, mascara makes the whole face look beautiful with elongated eyelashes and for other aesthetic purposes.

However, in today’s time, mascara is not the only avenue for longer eyelashes extension. And as time pass by, mascara is no longer necessary. It is because many women sought for longer eyelashes through eyelash extension treatments. With such cosmetic procedure, like the best russian volume lashes from Fancy Lash, for example, mascara is now an option more than a need. Also, the eyelash extension treatment is not on a hefty price which means you can avail it as well. The results are also for a longer-term and with high quality.

To give you some insights, here are some few reasons why eyelash extension treatment is the new wave, unlike the mascara.

  • The Eyelash Extension Is Long-lasting

In the eyelash extension treatment, it helps in enhancing the eye appearance of the face, which most women aspire to have. Also, the said cosmetic procedure makes the long eyelashes more natural-looking and appears as if it has not undergone any treatment in the first place. Instead of using the mascara, which can be erased when wet, the eyelash extension makes sure that the lashes are healthy and still fancy after some quite time. The results are also evident and positive changes can be seen outright.

  • Less Chemicals Coated In The Eyelashes

Unlike the mascara, the eyelash extension treatment bears not too many coats in your natural eyelashes. As a result, it has lesser chemicals. Instead of using mascara with the dark layers that may leave the lashes with some biochemical effects, the eyelash extension is the complete opposite. The hybrid lash extensions from Fancy Lash, for instance, is one of the many cosmetic service providers which helps you to have eyelashes with a natural-looking thick eyelash.

  • Gives You More Time

Instead of having mascara that you need to put on, the eyelash extension is with lesser hassle. You don’t need to spend too much effort. Having longer eyelashes, it will elongate your lashes in no time. So, you need not spend so much time each day facing the mirror and applying mascara to your eyelash. And in terms of money, the eyelash extension allows you to pay for a one time and expect quality effects which are a plus.


Final Word

Make sure you keep all of these ideas on your mind as eyelash extension treatment continuously provides a quality outcome for its patients who undergo the procedure. Also, this will serves as your guide too. And to better know what eyelash extension can offer more for you, do your research if necessary. The convenience and accessibility of having eyelash extensions are much more than the mascara if you’ll compare.

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