Dental Care During Pregnancy Is Important


For most people, oral care used to be an unnecessary aspect and wastage of time as for the majority of them any problem in your teeth is definitely not something to worry about much as this will probably not lead to some big health problem. However, maintaining gum health properly helps you to keep smiling as much as you want.

Recent studies show that above a quarter of American adults don’t get their cavities treated properly. Brushing twice daily and flossing regularly are some of the simplest things that you must do constantly.

In fact, not just for normal people, oral healthcare is equally important for pregnant women as their dental health condition will determine whether the newborn is going to have a healthy dental condition or not. However, there are some problems with dental care of pregnant women as dental coverage at the time of pregnancy varies greatly from one state to another, especially for the lower-income group women. Unfortunately, health professionals don’t take a very coordinated action or approach towards dental checkups of pregnant women. Most importantly, most women don’t realize the importance of dental care during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is directly correlated to dental hygiene. The hormonal changes taking place during pregnancy makes you all the more susceptible to dental problems and gum problems, especially, gingivitis or pyorrhoea. What’s more, morning sickness is another thing that causes acid in mouth and vulnerability to decay increases.  Bleeding gums is a very common condition that many women complain about during pregnancy. Redness is another problem that many pregnant women face. Tenderness and swollen gums are other problems that you might experience during pregnancy.

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Some dental procedures that are unsafe for you during pregnancy

The regular procedures such as fillings, RCTs, and cleaning are absolutely safe at the time of pregnancy. The second trimester is the right time to get dental treatments done. Having dental x-ray done during pregnancy is usually safe. However, it’s better to avoid doing regular x-rays during pregnancy.

How dental ailments affect an unborn child?

Periodontal disease and premature or low birth weight conditions are directly related. Research further shows that bacteria causing gum disease gets into the blood flow and is capable of harming the fetus potentially. You should also strictly avoid silver fillings during pregnancy.

To learn more about pregnancy oral care tips, your dentist is probably the best person and Oracare emergency dental clinic is one of the trusted names that you can always count on.

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