When Will The COVID-19 Pandemic End?



A pandemic is an explicit denotation that includes population immunity, virology, or ailment vehemence. It starts as an epidemic of an infectious plague spread across the region, multiple continents, and worldwide. A pestilence can kill thousands of people because of the contagious toxin that looks for a host to contaminate. 

Why does a microbe need a hostess needs a host cell to live? 

A virus depends on a host cell to live, considering they have ATP, ribosomes, tRNA, and amino acids that help them reproduce. These microorganisms need the host’s enzymes, which transcribe the viral genome into mRNA, that the host’s ribosomes utilize to make more brisk proteins. The individual’s enzymes will then reproduce the fervid genome—furthermore, the cell’s membrane and a variety of programmed cell death.

That is why a person died when they got infected, most preferably when their immune system is weak. 

When a bacillus meets an individual, it inserts its genetic material within—taking over the host’s whole function. Once a cell got defiled, it will generate more viral protein and genetic material instead of its standard manufactured product.

Does a virus survive even without a living organism?

Viruses are conflicted congregations of molecules, proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates. Nonetheless, when they live independently, they can do nothing until they enter a living creature. 

Corona Virus Disease 2019 is an infectious ailment that began in Wuhan, China, last November 2019. Still – despite the advanced technology that today’s generation achieved, there is still no accuracy of what origin the COVID-19 came from.

However, according to the World Health Organization, there is no clear affirmation of how long COVID-19 survives on surfaces, but it operates like any other coronaviruses. Investigations show that COVID-19 can live on the exteriors for a few hours up to various days, depending on the varied conditions.

This modern and global pandemic already contaminated 168 million people and caused 3.48 million deaths. Lives are not the only thing that got influenced by the virus and humanity’s lifestyle. Every style of living entered the digital world. Although the technologized innovation takes its toll in the human world, not all labor can navigate online. Thus, many individuals are having a hard time financially.

So, the question, when will COVID-19 end?

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When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?


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