Suboxone & Methadone Drug Rehab in Camden County, NJ


According to official state records, there were at least 3,118 people killed by opioid overdoses in New Jersey in 2018. That’s more than the overall number of people affected by the flu, murders, auto crashes, and suicides in 2016 combined.

Unluckily, Camden County was ranked the second-largest county in abuse statistics. The most populous town in the area, Camden, was called “Apocalypse, N.J.” by the Rolling Stone, and is believed to be central to the heroin crisis in the county.

Precisely for this cause, United Recovery Project is a rehabilitation facility devoted to the treatment of opiate abuse with narcotics, just within 10 miles away of Camden in Somerdale, New Jersey.

Methadone Drug Rehab and Clinic

United Recovery Project is a specialized rehabilitation facility serving Camden County, NJ. Methadone is one of the oldest and most popular Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatments—which has been in use since the 1960s and has demonstrated its effectiveness as a medicinal solution to drug abuse.

Methadone is used to treat all types of substance dependency, but is highly effective for moderate to severe dependence. Methadone, in combination with treatment, is associated with better health outcomes.

Methadone is available at licensed rehab centers like United Recovery Project facilities, for use in the treatment of addiction.

When taken consistently, it can significantly mitigate cravings, reduce or suppress withdrawal symptoms, promote abstinence, and enable patients to be involved actively daily.

Need a SuboxoneRehab?

United Recovery Project’s only MAT choice is the delivery of a doctor-approved Suboxone, a partial agonist drug explicitly designed for the management of opioid dependency. Like Methadone, it binds to the opioid receptors in the brain but does not completely activate the receptors.

While both drugs are successful in treating opioid dependency, we agree that offering patients an option, along with specialist advice by an experienced practitioner, will lead to much-improved recovery results.

Substance Abuse Rehab and Counseling for Camden County, NJ

Our trained drug use specialists collaborate with patients to discuss social problems that can lead to addiction.

Thanks to the different forms of therapy offered, such as individual counseling, community counseling, and comprehensive outpatient counseling, our patients learn skills that are vital to long-term successful healing.

This helps caregivers to gain insight into their emotions and actions and to build tools to help avoid relapse.

Drug Rehab Save Lives in Camden County, NJ

Recuperation Centers of America’s central goal is to retaliate against the clash of dependence and spare the same number of lives as we can. Too many daughters. mother, sons, siblings, fathers, and other family members or friends have succumbed to the disease of opiate addiction.

That’s why United Recovery Project opened our facility in Camden, New Jersey. Appropriately located neara public transportation station, our clients can get to and from the facility with ease.

At United Recovery Project, we believe in treating the patient as a whole – which means consideringall aspects of the condition.

We also provide client and family counseling, care for pregnant patients, and further resources in addition to medication-assisted therapy (MAT) to allow you to experience a safe, happier life, free from dependency.

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