Busting Vaping Myths – What are the Best Dry Herb Powders that You Can Actually Use as a Vaporizer


Vaping is lethal – says who? It’s just as prejudiced as stating that marijuana causes cancer – both are untrue. In fact, when you choose the right kinds of products to vape from the right kinds of vendors like the Psychonaut smoke shop, vaping actually offers benefits – yes, benefits. In this guide, we will be taking you through different vaping myths that you need to understand are just myths. So, let’s begin! 

4 Horrible Vaping Myths 

  1. Vaping Causes Addiction

This is a totally false propaganda. In fact, it’s quite the opposite of truth. Vaping actually helps in quitting cigarette addiction. Chain smokers who have been trying to quit for years but failing have effectively controlled their urge by using vapes. How? well:

  • Different e-cigs have different amounts of nicotine. So, you get the option to actually reduce the nicotine intake slowly. It will eventually help you in quitting.
  1. Vaping Damages the Lungs

This is the second myth that requires correction. Vaping does not damage the lungs when the products are filtered and pure dried herbs like the ones available at Psychonaut. On the contrary, they actually offer a lot of medicinal benefits. 

  1. Vaping has no Health Benefits

This is the 3rd myth about vaping. Did you know that the popular Kratom Powder that’s used as a vaporizer is actually a herbal product? As surprising as it might sound, but it’s the truth. There are different Kratom Extracts – listed below – that have medicinal benefits other than just rejuvenation benefits. Have a look!

  1. Kratom Red Elephant – This dried herb is quite effective against pain caused due to bone and joint disorders like arthritis and gout.  
  2. Kratom White Malay – This is an absolute miracle herb that reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety. 
  3. Kratom Green Maeng Da – This is yet another anti-anxiety product that can also help in controlling extreme mood swings. It also lessens panic attacks.

That said, what’s required of you is to buy filtered products only from trustworthy sellers like the Psychonaut smoke shop because:

  • They sell only purified products. 
  • They ensure that their products are free of organic contamination like fungus.
  1. Vaping is Just the Same as Smoking

This is the most commonly heard myth about vaping.

Whilst you cannot control what you’re smoking when using a cigarette – you’ll be ingesting nicotine – vaping on the other hand no such compulsion. You can buy e-cigs that have low to no nicotine at all.  

Hence, all in all, the benefits of vaping go beyond just simple recreation. 

Also, you can visit the website, https://psychonaut.ca/ in order to view the detailed list of products that they sell. 

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