Best Nootropics for Social Anxiety and Relaxation


The Best Nootropics for Social Anxiety

Of all the common mental disorders that most of us find hard to fathom is the social disorder. Those who experience it often blame themselves all the time since they lack the social skills for effective functioning. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to cope with and this results in self-esteem issues.

It is sometimes confusing with shyness and awkwardness but unfortunately, this problem has something to do with the unbalanced chemicals inside the brain. With this, some people cling on to brain supplements like nootropic to cure these unstable chemicals.

How Nootropics Help Dealing with Social Anxiety

Nootropics or brain supplements that aids in better brain functioning help the brain chemicals by either increasing or decreasing its activity. GABA levels which are responsible for the anxiety reduction, when increased, results in decrease in neurotransmitter levels.

Moreover, the serotonin regulates the anxiety and other neurotransmitters like the norepinephrine (the flight or fight response) and dopamine (in-charge of self-confidence and self-esteem).

Nootropics for Social Anxiety

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Bulletproof brain octane oil is a powerful nootropic that can help you boost your brain function thus inhibiting social anxiety and promoting relaxation. It raises brain fueling molecules in the brain that help in boosting the brain’s function thus alleviating anxiety and stress.


A part of gabapentinoid substances, Phenibut is structurally similar to GABA except for its additional phenyl ring on it. With it, this nootropic can cross the barriers in the brain and generate psychoactive effects like that from the GHB or benzodiazepines. What makes Phenibut stand out is its ability to calm the mind without obstructing the cognitive capabilities, making it ideal to prevent the decrease of anxiety-related productivities which results in a more relaxed and clear-headed state even in social situations.


This nootropic is very effective in relaxation and getting focused at the same time. It also increases the speed of thoughts and motivational levels while restraining anxiety and providing muscle relaxation. It can also stimulate even in low dosages.


This has been used for centuries because of its health benefits and relaxing properties. In the present, this herb is still recognized for these advantages as it boosts focused, restores energy while decreasing fatigue and anxiety. It gives a feeling of mental comfort and alleviates the difficulties of social interaction. However, since Ashwagandha slows down mental abilities when taken alone, it is recommended to be consumed with caffeine.


A herb that is usually found in Southeast Asian countries, this is a versatile plant and each of its species has its own distinct strain. Malay and Maeng Da species are good for boosting energy and productivity. Bali strains especially the Red Bali produces calming effects which is good to relieve anxiety. Some strains that are known to be energetic are sedating and produce anxiolytic effects when consumed in higher dosages.


This nootropic is a combination of two essential nutrients Vitamin B3 and GABA. It also has niacin content which allows it to enter the blood-brain barrier, then splits to two separate compounds.

It is essentially helpful for learning as it helps increase memory and focus. Moreover, it helps to stabilize a person’s mood as it lowers the anxiety and stress levels significantly. It also provides great relaxation to the body without sedating effects.

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