Amazing Skin Benefits of Glycolic Acid


Glycolic acid has been in beauty practice for a long time but it is getting popular recently. Many Hollywood celebrities have put its use in their beauty routine hence the popularity. It is available at all trusted pharmacies such as so it is not difficult to get hands upon. It must be used in safe concentrations so it’s better to get a little knowledge about its benefits and uses to avoid any side effects. Let’s take a look.

What Is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic acid is an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), a group of naturally occurring acids found in food. It is derived from sugarcane with the smallest molecule so it is easy to penetrate through the skin. It works by dissolving a bond of dead skin cells to the top layer. This makes the dead skin cells free from the skin and easy to take off. This property makes it a chemical exfoliator which is an efficient form of exfoliant instead of a physical exfoliator such as a scrub. Once the dead skin cells are peeled off, new skin cells are generated and take their place. This gives a nice fresh glowing skin. Other benefits include:


As the body ages towards older years, the new cell turnover reduces. This makes the skin dull and saggy. Glycolic acid makes the dead skin cells shed off and helps the new skin cells to grow more. This makes the skin fresher, less saggy and prevents discolouration. It also helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines which are the foremost signs of ageing. Glycolic acid also helps with the production of collagen which is one of the basic elements of the skin. 

  1. ACNE

The antibacterial properties of glycolic acid make it a good choice for sensitive skin. Applying glycolic acid after cleansing 2-3 times a week helps fight acne by removing dead skin cells and clearing the skin of oil and dirt deep down in the pores. Glycolic acid works just like salicylic acid which works well for acne-prone skin. Glycolic acid and salicylic acid both works as chemical exfoliators so both suit well for sensitive skin. 


As glycolic acid is a good exfoliator, it helps fade discoloured or pigmented skin to a good extent. There are some glycolic acid patches available in the market that provide spot treatment so it is easy to treat discolouration in a specific area. The tiny molecules of glycolic acid make it easy to get deeper into the skin and relieve hyperpigmentation. 




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