Understand School Bullying In Singapore And Measures To Prevent It



Bullying is one such form of harassment that produces long term negative effects in the life of the one who had suffered from it. It is common in many countries around the globe. But, in Singapore, it is quite prevalent. School bullying in Singapore is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. It hampers not only the studies of the students but lowers their self-confidence, which sometimes leads to self-destruction. In simple words, it destroys the entire childhood of one. This article focuses on the root causes of school bullying in Singapore and what should be done to prevent it.

Causes of Bullying

The main causes of bullying are as follows:

  • Previous victims of bullying tend to engage more in such activities. Continuous oppression makes them more prone to seek vengeance. They try to get out by bullying others. For this, it has become a tradition in educational institutions.
  • Imposing power over the inferiors causes one to bully more. Often those who have power or control tend to dominate others. Generally, junior students, girls and physically challenged pupils become easy targets.
  • Peer influence in schools plays a core part in it. To be in a particular famous group and gain the limelight, one seeks to downgrade others. It involves manipulation and sometimes physical harm.

How Bullying Is Done?

Since school bullying in Singapore has become a serious issue, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Bullying is done in many ways, but more issues arise if the victim is hurt physically. It destroys one’s mental peace from the very beginning and it makes them socially exclusive, hampers their studies and even forces them to indulge in unwanted activities. School bullying in Singapore is mainly done in three common ways:

  • Verbally – there is a proverb which states that “a tongue is sharper than a knife” and this causes great mental torture. Abusing through filthy words or insulting one for being weak or having a disability is a common one. Mimicking one’s different accent and laughing at it can make them socially exclusive.
  • Web – This is a powerful tool and students are given access to it so that they can utilize it for the better. But, misusing it has become quite common. Defaming one, spreading false rumours, and harassing through threats are common. Most of the bullies apply this form as it’s hard to catch them at once. 
  • Physical – This form of bullying can have a bad impact on the victim’s mind and it can last for a lifetime. Most girls are victims of it, but some boys too face such bullying. 


How to Prevent it?

School bullying in Singapore is a major issue to focus on. Getting rid of bullying cannot be achieved in a single day, but we can take the necessary steps to prevent it. 

  • An anti-ragging cell in the schools must be present. Their primary focus should be on bringing the bullies to the notice and ensuring a safe environment in school.
  • Noticing behavioural changes in children by parents should be taken seriously. Parents should be gentle with them and if needed seek professional help. 
  • Educating regarding bullying and how harmful it is should be imparted by parents as well as teachers. One should be aware that their enjoyment can destroy one’s life.
  • Teachers in school shouldn’t scold or say anything offensive to a particular student in front of others. This makes the other students take advantage of that situation. 


These are some of the basic preventive measures that can stop school bullying in Singapore. One must know the causes and forms of bullying. This serious issue of bullying can traumatize a child for life. Providing a healthy environment where one can excel is important. This can be achieved through compassion and education, not downgrading others.

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