Tips to Choosing a Reliable Online Seed Bank


Many people are now getting attracted to the cannabis growing industry. The legalization of marijuana in multiple states has prompted the interested level of people towards this industry. There are many challenges that you have to come when you are starting off with growing your own cannabis strains.

One of the biggest challenges that nearly everyone has to go through is selecting a reputed seed bank or distributor to buy seeds according to your requirement. Our main motive is to assist those who need our help. So, we are here with a blog that has tips for all you beginner growers. These tips will help you find the best possible online seed bank. So, let us begin.

1) Customer Service

One of the most important aspects to consider when researching about reputed online seed banks is the customer service the bank has to offer. A reputed seed banks value their customer. Hence they try to provide the best possible services to their consumers. A good seed bank will have a 24/7 assistance service for you. As a customer, you get to have your issues resolved by contacting the customer service team.

2) Product Guarantee

If you ask experienced cannabis cultivators, they will tell you how often they come across non-germinating seeds. You do not want this to happen in your first attempt. Hence, you need to check if the online seed bank offers any guarantee for its product. This is kept on a safer side, and you won’t have to face any loss in your first growing experience. A reputed online seed bank has the best quality products with a confirmed guarantee of germination of seeds.

3) Variety of Products

The field of cannabis is vast, and there are hundreds of cannabis seeds that you can grow. Some seeds provide CBD-rich strains, while some flower to produce THC-rich strains. Some seeds like CBD Harlequin feminized seeds have unique hybrid combinations and show both properties. A good online seed distributor has all types of products for sale. Brief details about the products are also displayed for the convenience of the customers.

4) Payment Method

Even though cannabis is legalized, it is a very sensitive subject. If you are buying the cannabis seeds through the air-shipping method, the airport customs may get involved, and if your details are displayed on the package, you might have to face some difficulties. It is important to keep your identity anonymous when making an online purchase of cannabis seeds. If the online seed bank has multiple payment methods, check if cryptocurrency is one of the methods. With the help of crypto payments, you do not have to reveal your identity while making the payment for your order.

Considering all these tips will guide you to select a good online seed bank so that you can start cultivating your first batch of cannabis soon.

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