Why should I go for recyclable toothbrush heads?


With so many toothbrush brands and so many varieties of colors and styles, choosing a good toothbrush can be confusing. However, often we buy products that are fascinating to the eyes. For instance, if you love the color blue, and you spot a blue toothbrush in the market, you’ll surely buy that without reading the pros or cons of the toothbrush. But do you know how harmful these small choices can become for you? And this is why it is recommended that we use products that are free from plastic or materials that are harmful to you or the environment. So let us know why you should use Nada recyclable toothbrush heads:

Environment Friendly

The primary reason you should switch to recyclable toothbrush heads is that they are environmentally friendly. They are made of materials that don’t degrade the environment and once their utility is over they can be recycled to increase their efficiency rather than thrown away as waste.

Softer Bristles

Toothbrush heads made of other materials like plastic that are not recyclable are hard to use. And after a few days, they become stiffer and can cause dental issues. Thus, you should use a recyclable toothbrush head as they are made of materials like Nylon which are soft and gentle on your teeth and gums.

Economically sustainable

Plastic toothbrushes sustain wear and tear faster than recyclable toothbrushes. After a few months of use, you’ll have to invest in buying new toothbrushes and if you want a better quality the price goes higher. So a recyclable toothbrush head is a better option as they are long-lasting and will prevent you from spending frequently.

Safe for your health

You may not realize how plastic products can cause nano-plastics to deposit in your stomach and mix in your blood becoming cancerous.  However, if you use environmentally friendly products like recyclable toothbrush heads, they will not be made of plastics and you will be safe from any health hazard.

Changing your toothbrush can seem like a minor decision, but this decision has a significant impact on you and the environment. For years the plastics that we have used are accumulating as waste in the environment or being dumped in the ocean. These plastics have resulted in hazardous changes to nature and the living beings on the planet. Thus, for these reasons, and as responsible citizens, we should make choices that promote a sustainable future. One such decision would be to use products like toothbrushes that are recyclable and not a burden on our nature.

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