A Complete Guide For Growing Pink Kush Seeds


This article is a complete guide for all the beginner growers planning to cultivate Pink Kush seeds as an addition in their cannabis garden. This guide will help you in the process of cultivation for you to obtain a successful harvest.

But, this successful harvest doesn’t just happen. Some amount of efforts need to be taken to obtain this maximum harvest. In this blog, we will discuss the various aspects involved in the cultivation of Pink Kush strain seeds.


It does not matter if you are an expert grower or a beginner grower; the pink kush strains are very easy to grow. All you need to follow is the suitable method of cultivation, and you will soon end up with a good yield of pink kush buds.


The most crucial aspect of growing Pink Kush Strain Seeds is the climatic condition in the surrounding. The strains need a Mediterranean climate to produce the yield of maximum potential. The temperature requirement for growing this strain is between 680 and 820 F.

Flowering Time

The pink kush strain needs nearly 9 to 10 weeks to flower. The speed of the plant growth is more if it is grown in indoor conditions. The warm surrounding in the indoor cultivation promotes the maturation speed of pink kush plants.


Everyone hopes for a good yield fo cannabis from their harvest. The yield obtained plants grown indoor and outdoor is different. The outdoor cultivation produces an average yield up to 700gm on every plant. On the other hand, the average yield produced from indoor plants is 700gm per square meter.


The average height of pink kush strains plants is around 150cm to 180cm with a wave of pink shaded buds on top.

Pest and Mold Resistant

The chemical and genetic modification of pink kush strain seeds has resulted in making the plants pest and mold resistant. But, other issues like fungi and diseases should not affect the growth of the plant. The grower needs to follow the IPM guidelines for the best health of the plants.

Medical Attributes

Every inch of the pink kush strain is overloaded with various medicinal properties. The pink kush strain relives its consumers from mental issues like anxiety, stage fear, insomnia, depression, stress, low sexual desire, PTSD, etc. Some physical issues like chronic pain, spinal pain and inflammation also can be treated with this strain.

Through this whole guide, we intended to educate the cannabis enthusiasts about various aspects involved in growing one the most popular cannabis strain, the pink kush strain. So, order your pink kush strain seeds available online from i49 and have a valuable addition to your cannabis cultivation.

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