An elementary guide to e-liquid 


What exactly is E-liquid?

First of all, e-cigs were invented as a contingent preventive measure for tobacco smoking. Those who are already accustomed to vaping will be familiar with e-liquid. It is basically a flavored juice that is mixed with nicotine. No matter the shape or form, they all require vaping juice to produce vapor. However, it’s not as simple as that. E-liquids can have varying proportions of different ingredients such as propylene and glycerin. To put it in layman terms, it is a device that is designed to contain a thick liquid that operates on heating and vaporizing. All vape juices characteristically contain nicotine as part of the composition. They are also known as E-juice, vape juice, mod juice, and vape liquid. 

Shelf life of vape juice 

Like most things, even vape juice has an expiry date. The second the liquid is heated, its properties change. For instance, water turns to steam when boiled at a high temperature. Vaping juice runs on the same condition. The vaping kit and temperature settings ranging anywhere between 90 and 200 degrees Celsius causes the vaping liquid to change from fluid to vapor. Also, the flavor goes a long way in enhancing the experience for the user. 

Is it possible to maximize the shelf life?

E-liquid is best preserved in a cool and dark place. Unopened bottles should be stored inside boxes or a cupboard to retain the quality and flavor. Why dark places? Sunlight is known to water down the flavor of the e-liquid. This is why even Hookah bars have very dim lighting. Most of them last for as long as two years, provided they are stored correctly without being meddled with. If the bottle is already opened, it will significantly lessen the shelf life to weeks. In some countries, there is no specific expiry date as such. 

This is why it’s best to exhaust the bottle in one sitting so the liquid can deliver stellar results in terms of flavor. 

Is cleaning the tank necessary before adding new flavor?

There can be a build-up of flavor on the sides of the tank, in which case, cleaning is essential or it could lead to mixed flavors. It can be pretty horrendous to experience a hint of fruity flavor while trying menthol juice. Alternatively, you can switch between different tanks. PGVG Labs e liquid wholesale offers a full-fledged shop for all your needs.  


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