What Features Make Soberlink A Worth Buying Product?


Sophisticated alcohol monitoring is now available in a gadget that’s far more portable, lighter, and quicker thanks to the new Soberlink Connect Device. Clients may use the gadget to transmit tests from any Apple or Android phone or tablet. In the fields of Addiction Treatment, Family Law, and Workplace Compliance, Soberlink Connect is a reliable and accurate source of information.

Soberlink is a technological company that creates new ways to keep tabs on people’s alcohol use. As a result of real-time mobile testing and notifications, the Soberlink System helps ensure responsibility and connectedness.

When it comes to helping parents keep track of their children’s sobriety, Soberlink and the Web portal Sober Sky are often used.

This Soberlink gadget is the best way to keep tabs on your alcohol consumption. Portable breathalysers dubbed the SL2 may be used on the go.

  • Using a smart phone and a data plan, anybody may submit a BrAC test from almost anywhere.
  • The user’s identity is confirmed through a high-quality camera.
  • Remote alcohol detection is made simple with the professional-grade fuel cell.

The Most Important Characteristics

  • Effortless Breathalyzer
  • Automated Drinking Schedules for Alcohol
  • Technology for Adaptive Facial Recognization
  • Automatic Tamper Detection Using Cellular and GPS Technology

Why Use a Soberlink Device?

Pre-scheduled Alcohol Testing

Officers may put users on notice for sobriety by conducting remote breath tests many times a day. Whenever an alcohol monitoring test is due, the user receives a text message notification. A 15-minute advance notice is also given.

Facial Recognition Technology That Learns to Recognize You

Real-time verification of identification is possible thanks to this approach and technology. Each alcohol test picture is compared to a template of other photos using face recognition software.

With each breath test, the SL2 breathalyser “improves.” In order to verify the tester’s identification, the gadget adapts to subtle changes in the user’s appearance.

A real-time alcohol monitoring system, Soberlink, safeguards family time.

Soberlink SL2 gives up-to-the-the-minute data and reliable outcomes. With tamper sensors, and openness for co-parenting in mind.

  • Set your own testing schedule: daily testing seven days a week, or testing during co-parenting time is a good option.
  • Court-admissible proof of sobriety.
  • Because it is small and lightweight, conducting tests is made much more convenient.
  • Allows parents the option of allowing their children to visit without supervision.

Both the accused and the accuser benefit from the Soberlink Device.

It is possible to record your sobriety throughout parenting time with the help of Soberlink SL2. In fact, it’s possible that Soberlink will take the role of supervised visits in certain cases.

Knowing that your co-parent is abstaining from alcohol is reassuring if you have an alcohol-dependent co-parent.

Professionals and Judges in the field of family law.

There are various advantages to using Soberlink in a child custody case as opposed to other methods of monitoring:

  • This evidence is acceptable in court.
  • Medicinal device approved by the FDA.
  • Sobriety certificates may be submitted easily and automatically.
  • Real-time facial recognition is the sole feature available in this system.
  • As soon as the gadget has been tampered with, an alarm is sent out.

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