5 Best sitting yoga asanas and their benefits


Yoga is made up of several asanas (poses) that allow us to achieve overall wellness. A few are sitting asanas, while others are lying postures. Every yoga stance assists us in receiving the blessings of the physique, brain, and spirit.

The physiological and bodily advantages of standing, sitting, and laying stances are all different. However, sitting postures are excellent for increasing inner core strength. If this is your first time on the mat on the floor, start with a which was before series of Hatha Yoga seated positions. 

It is among the old classic meditation techniques that have spawned several additional meditation types and forms.

  1. Padmasana

The lotus position is also referred to as ‘Padmasana’ in another language. It is one of the past sitting asanas or positions that originated in contemplative practises in the Vedic period. The legs are positioned on the opposed knees in this seated position.

  • With this, the hip, stomach, spinal, and kidneys are all stimulated.
  • Lotus posture soothes the mind and soothes the psyche.
  • The feet and hips get a good long run in this asana.
  • It aids in the reduction of muscle tension.
  • The practice of this stance helps to lower blood pressure.
  • This asana is beneficial to pregnant women because it makes delivery simpler.
  • It aids in the relief of menstruation pain and sciatica.
  • It stimulates the energies and gives us all more consciousness of our surroundings.
  1. Sukhasana

The easy position, also known as ‘Sukhasana‘ in another language, is an excellent posture for newcomers. As the title suggests, it’s a really straightforward sitting asana.

  • This asana progressively makes children feel quiet and tranquil as we practise it.
  • Shoulder muscle and backbone are lengthened.
  • Sukhasana strengthens and stabilises our back.
  • This asana gives our ankles and feet a wonderful stretch.
  • It provides calming properties for the human psyche.
  • It also lowers inhibitions and promotes a sense of well-being throughout the body.
  1. Vajrasana

The Sanskrit word for diamond posture is ‘Vajrasana.’ Vajrasana one of the sitting asanas is a combination of the terms Vajra and asana. 

Which Vajra refers to a gem and asana to a stance.

  • Vajrasana enhances our body’s digestive system while also curing acidity.
  • It aids in a better circulatory system throughout the body.
  • Vajrasana is a muscle mass asana that may be practised on a regular basis.
  • It aims to reinforce the leg and hip muscles.
  • It aids in the reduction of extra weight in the abdomen, thighs, pelvis, and stomach.
  • This asana relieves the muscles and promotes relaxation.
  1. Ardha Matsyendrasana

The four words that make up Spinal Twist Pose in Vedic are Ardha, Matsya, Endra, and asana. This half-spine twist stance in the sitting position necessitates a very flexible physique.

  • This asana is beneficial for improving the mobility and functioning of the spine’s vertebra.
  • The person with a herniated disc will benefit from it. 
  1. Baddha konasana

The Butterfly position is known in Vedic as ‘Baddha Konasana.’   It resembles butterflies’ wings.

  • It aids in the improvement of the circulatory system throughout the body.
  • It alleviates weariness caused by lengthy periods of leg movements.
  • It helps to heal the prostate gland and enhances the purpose of the reproductive organs.


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