How Sameer Suhail Trains Future Healthcare Professionals Through the American International Clinical Group (AICG)


Sameer Suhail is the clinical director of the American International Clinical Group (AICG). This group provides top-notch clinical training to students, graduates, and practicing physicians. Although the organization does offer several residency and internship programs, its primary focus is on letting students join clinical rotations. Here, candidates are offered the opportunity to experience hospital shifts first-hand. You can certainly learn the definition of any drug or treatment option in a textbook, but you only get a handful of opportunities to practice them in real life.

Does the AICG residency program sound interesting to you? Sameer Suhail shares some straightforward, helpful tips to maximize your time in the program:

Carry Pocket Guide

You will want to be sure to carry around a medical pocket book or guide with you at all times. You’ll need a quick reference guide in various medical situations to confirm whether you’re prescribing the correct drugs or using the most appropriate treatment option. Plus, its convenient size will be perfect for your busy lifestyle.

Prepare Your Tools

Any respectable doctor will have a good set of tools they can rely on. While it may not be the cool little black bag filled with exam tools as seen in the past, you will still need gear. Apart from your white coat, make sure you carry around your pager, stethoscope, prescription pad, pocketbook, and pen. Yes, that did indeed say pager. With so many spots in hospitals dead to cell signals, the pager has stayed alive and well in the healthcare sector.

Dress Presentably

Sameer Suhail emphasizes the importance of hygiene, especially for individuals who are working in the medical field. When reporting to work, medical professionals should be sure to remove all pieces of jewelry, sanitize hands frequently, and always wear a clean set of clothes. Indeed all healthcare professionals need to strive to embody cleanliness.

Understand the Hospital Rules

Familiarize yourself with the rules and policies of your hospital’s administration. Although every institution differs, you can expect most hospitals to require similar behaviors from their doctors, like having them wear identification tags, stay alert for emergency calls, and avoid smoking in public areas.

Stay Positive and Professional

Understand that most of the patients you will face are coming to you stressed, tense, and nervous. You can’t let their emotions get to you. It might sound unfair, but you need to stay positive and professional in front of your patients at all times, or else they might lose faith in you and your abilities.

Affordable, Top-Notch Clinical Training

Sameer Suhail strives to give students first-hand insights through his high-quality clinical training programs. Again, college only teaches theories and technical information. While college does a great job of teaching theoretical and technical information, there is so much more to learn outside of the classroom. Graduates can’t start practicing medicine until they’ve had adequate time to put their knowledge to use, and AICG gives them enough opportunities.

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