Consult an Eye Care Specialist for Treating Cataracts


A cataract is an eye condition where a cloudy layer covers the eye lens. It occurs when the proteins present in the eyes start to accumulate and forms clumps. This might be the result of the aging process, severe injuries to the eyes’ tissues, or a genetic disorder. The condition prevents the outermost transparent layer known as the cornea from properly focusing light on the retina. This results in blurred or foggy vision. There is a possibility that cataracts can lead to temporary blindness unless the person is treated in time. 

Visit a good eye care specialist for cataracts 

People with cataracts do not have any problem with their eyesight in the early stages. However, as this eye condition deteriorates over time, it interferes with their vision. They have difficulties in carrying out their normal activities. Following are the symptoms of a cataract-

  • They start to have blurry vision,
  • Their eyes become sensitive to glare and bright light,
  • They visualize ‘halos’ around light bulbs,
  • They have difficulties seeing clearly at night,
  • Some of them experience double vision in one of their eyes, and
  • They require bright light to read properly or carry on with their normal activities.

Diagnosis of cataracts with a specialist 

To check whether a patient is suffering cataracts or not, an eye care specialist will first thoroughly review the medical history. A series of healthcare tests will be recommended to the person to determine the severity of these symptoms- 

  • Visual acuity test which involves using a chart to evaluate how well a patient can read a sequence of different letters, 
  • Slit-lamp examination where the specialist uses a microscope to inspect various internal structures of the patient’s eyes, and
  • Retinal exam where the eye retina by dilating the patient’s eyes with eye-drops.

The person can either undergo surgery or take medications till ready for the surgery. 

Types of cataract surgeries 

cataracts surgery overland park ks is the best treatment that an expert specializing in eye care can recommend to a person suffering from cataracts. Depending on the severity of the condition, the specialist can resort to any one of the following procedures:

  • Phacoemulsification which involves using sound waves to disintegrate the cloudy layer covering the lens of the patient’s eyes, 
  • Extracapsular surgery where the specialist makes incisions in the patient’s eyes to remove the cataract and insert artificial lens, or
  • Intracapsular surgery where the specialist places the artificial intraocular lens near the iris but a different area to the extracapsular version.  

A cataract is an eye condition that can temporarily blind people unless they see an eye care specialist on time. Its symptoms include blurry vision, sensitivity to bright light, visualizing ‘halos’ around lightbulbs, and double vision. An eye test will help arrest the condition. A person should book an appointment with a good specialist only after reading online reviews of the clinic. Health tests should be done on time. All the instructions of the specialist should be followed to restore vision and remove the cataract safely.

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