5 Best E-Prescribing Software Doctors should know


The dawn of electronic prescribing has streamlined the procedure for selling and prescribing medications for doctors and pharmacists, respectively. E-prescribing software turns out to be advantageous to physicians and patients with decreased dose mistakes, simplified drugs workflow, improved patient safety, and improved patient satisfaction.

What’s E-prescribing computer software?

E-prescribing is a procedure for creating and sending a prescription purchase . Medical professionals generate electronic prescriptions and transmit them to pharmacies directly from the stage of attention. The program is utilized by doctors, pharmacists, healthcare professionals, and physicians.

Healthcare providers are increasingly relying upon e-prescribing applications as it enhances the precision and quality of patient care as pharmacists do not need to translate the handwriting of doctors or call-in prescriptions.

E-prescriptions can also be beneficial for automatic refills, decreased paper prescriptions, enhanced documentation of patients’ drug history, diminished amount of unfilled prescriptions. E-prescribing software strengthens the association between pharmacies and healthcare professionals.

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CoverMyMeds Platform

CoverMyMeds is a cloud-based Prior Authorization support provider for pharmacists and physicians. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Columbus, the CoverMyMeds company has built this platform to solve the challenges related to patients’ medication access and adherence. 

CoverMyMeds helps medical providers and pharmacies find and submit prior authorization requests for all medications. The platform helps decrease prescription abandonment, eliminate financial burden and administrative waste related to the prior authorization process.

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The solution helps patients to receive their medications timely by connecting them to the healthcare network for better medication access. The CoverMyMeds network includes approximately 95% of pharmacies, 75% of electronic health record systems, most of the health plans and PBMs, and 750,000 health providers. 

The software also helps health insurance companies save time and eliminate paperwork. It automates the process of prior authorization allowing involved parties to view the progress of the PA status.


NueMD is one of the first platform-independent and internet-based medical practice management software programs by Nuesoft Technologies. NueMD offers web-based software and medical billing services that fit all kinds of medical practices. 

It is a solution for medical billing integrated practice management, appointment scheduling, and electronic health recording. NueMD’s HIPAA-compliant claims clearinghouse enables users for medical billing los angeles ca to process unlimited claims, one-click paper claims, and integrated credit card processing.

The platform enables medical staff and doctors to add charting, laboratory report tracking, secure fax management, and e-prescribing to their clinical workflow through the ONC-ATCB certified EHR. The software comes with a monthly subscription including an unlimited number of users and practice locations. 

It also offers timely technical support to users through its customer support instant messaging system. The software is also available through mobile apps for Android and iOS users.


Kareo is a cloud-based e-prescription software for medical practice administrators. The software enables users to manage administrative tasks like medical billing, patient management, and electronic health records. 

The software is perfectly suited for small medical practitioners to easily connect with patients. You can use the software to schedule appointments, customize the dashboard, and make rules to track productivity. 

Users can also generate performance reports and analyze the data through metrics and graphs to improve their practice. The software is capable of storing patient records that enable doctors to track the health information of patients, manage billing, and set alerts. 

It also checks the insurance eligibility in real-time with numerous insurance companies. It also features a built-in messenger for secure communication with employees, billers, and patients. I hope you like reading this article.

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