Get Relief from Chronic Pain Symptoms by Opting for Stem Therapy


Any pain that lasts for more than 3 months can be termed chronic pain. No matter what medications or treatment you undergo, this persistent pain is there all the time. If you or your loved ones suffer from chronic pain symptoms, then you might want to update yourself about stem therapy.

Overview of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are one of crucial cells in your body. These cells get developed into your bones, brains, and other organs. The main functions of these cells are that they help in repairing and regenerating damaged tissues and curing several diseases.

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So, what happens during stem cell therapy? First and foremost, your doctor will discuss with you the options. They will check your medical records and based on your medical history offer the best stem cell treatment plan.

On the day of your procedure, you will be given a local anaesthetic. The stem cells are then harvested from your bone marrow and re-directed to the target area which needs the transplant. These cells are injected into your damaged tissues wherein they reduce inflammation and regenerate the tissues.

Types of Stem Cells Therapy to Treat Chronic Pain

Stem cell therapy proves to be effective for joints and ligament tears. If you or your loved ones are suffering from tendinitis, arthritis, or osteoarthritis, then you might want to discuss this procedure with your doctor.

Your stem cell therapy can be of 4 types which are:

  • Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)
  • Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC)
  • Umbilical cord Wharton’s Jelly
  • Adipose tissue

MSC is one of the most successful stem cell treatment options if you are suffering from chronic pain, injuries, and other medical conditions. These cells can be harvested from your skin, muscle, bone marrow, and placenta.

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MSC therapy is apt if you are suffering from:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Chronic back pains
  • Bursitis

Under BMC stem cell therapy, the fluid is taken from your iliac crest. This fluid comprises your bone marrow as well as blood from your pelvic bone. These stem cells are concentrated by excluding the red blood cells, thereby increasing the stem cells count.

This procedure can help used if you are suffering from:

  • Hand and wrist pains
  • Knee pains
  • Elbow pains

Wharton’s Jelly is a tissue that surrounds the blood vessels of your umbilical cord and has a high concentration of stem cells. umbilical cord Wharton’s Jelly/ Once these are extracted from your umbilical cord, these can help in treating issues related to knee osteoarthritis.

Under adipose stem cell therapy, your stem cells are harvested from your fat tissues through liposuction. These are an apt choice if you are suffering from ligament and tendon tears.


When it comes to other chronic pain treatment options, the recovery time can vary from 3,6 or 1 year. In case of stem cell therapy, you can resume your daily activities within a month.

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