13 Facts How Kybella Can Help Get Rid Of Your Double Chin Without Going Under The Knife


A double chin showing up in pictures or when smiling from certain angles is common insecurity for people all over the world. Usually, those who can afford it choose to get a neck lift surgery along with liposuction. While these two procedures are effective, they are expensive and very invasive.

Thankfully, Kybella® is now an option. Here are some must-know facts about this product that has taken the cosmetic industry by storm:

1 – Non-Surgical Option

Kybella® can be administered at the doctor’s office without any need for surgery and intense post-surgery recovery.

2 – The Secret Is Deoxycholic Acid

Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule found in the intestinal tract. Kybella® uses its ability to dissolve fat to help treat double chins without the need for liposuction.

3 – Synthetic Buy Effective

Thedeoxycholic acid used as the active ingredient for Kybella Northern Virginia procedures is made synthetically in a laboratory. Despite being the synthetic version, it is still highly effective when administered in the right dosage by a professional.

4 – Quick Treatments

Every treatment lasts between 15 to 20 minutes depending on the dosage for the day. This makes it accessible for most people who do not have the time for surgery and recovery.

5 – Treatment Varies Per Patient

The Kybella Northern Virginia expert will work closely with their patient to determine the best treatment plan to achieve their goals.

6 – Kybella® Dosages Are Different

The dosage and frequency of the injections will also be different per patient depending on how much chin fat is present. Some patients can achieve their goals after 3 treatments while it can take longer for others.

7 – Eliminates And Flushes Out Fat Cells

The synthetic deoxycholic acid eliminates fat cells in the injection area which dissolves them into organic waste that the body can flush out.

8 – Results Are Permanent

One reason for Kybella® being so popular is because its effects are permanent. Once the fat cells are eliminated there is no risk of them returning.

9 – Approved By The FDA

Back in 2015, the FDA approved Kybella® as an alternative to surgery for double chin treatment which assures patients that it is safe to use.

10 – No Surgery Scars

Aside from being a very effective double chin treatment option,Kybella® also does not leave any scars. Since it only requires injections sites that heal very fast, scarring and other cosmetic issues are no longer a post-treatment concern.

11 – Side-Effects Are Minimal

The most common negative side-effects of the treatment are limited to bruising, swelling, and numbness around the injection area. Aside from those minor issues, recovery is very smooth and fast.

12 – Made By Allergan

Fans of BotoxTM will be familiar with Allergan as they are the makers of the revolutionary product. Kybella® is also their product ensuring patients of high-quality and standards.

13 – Thorough Consultation Before Injections

Doctors that offer Kybella® as a treatment for double chin fat are tasked with performing a thorough medical background check before proceeding with the treatment. This is to ensure that every patient is an excellent candidate with a higher rate of success.

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