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13 things to avoid which contain Propylene Glycol


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Propylene Glycol is in  so many different types of things, which makes adjusting to a PG allergy quite aggravating.

Here are 13 things you should avoid/always read the label on if you have a PG allergy:

  1. bar soap / body wash
  2. mouth wash
  3. shampoo / conditioner
  4. baking mixes
  5. desserts in the bakery section of the grocery store
  6. modified food starch
  7. salad dressings
  8. pre-packaged salad dressings
  9. sauces
  10. ointments
  11. baby wipes
  12. deodorant
  13. gel cap pills and vitamins

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16 thoughts on “13 things to avoid which contain Propylene Glycol

  1. Coffee, especially flavored and blends. I’m a fanatic, so I drink only organic.
    Artificial flavoring. This catch all usually means PG.
    Vanillin. Fake vanilla, found in lots of cheap sweet foods.
    Dairy. I do organic only at home. Out, I try to avoid eating much.
    Anything at McDonald’s. I swear based on reading their list of ingredients, they must purchase PG by the tanker truck.


  2. Cynthia, I am with you. I try to do organic as much as possible. It’s tough to eat out even at places that aren’t fast food. It’s hard to say what they put in the food.
    I just went to the opthamologist the other day and he gave me drops for dry eye. Guess what? Number one ingrediant was propylene glycol. Luckily, I looked at the list of ingrediants before I accepted it and told him it was a no go since I know I’m allergic to it. He gave me a funny look and pulled out some other drops out without PG. :) I also just made another PG discovery. I would go to sleep and be fine and then wake up with rashes on my eyes and cheeks along with swollen eyelids. I retraced my steps to see if I applied anything new the night before. NO. Then, I realized that my husband applies an aftershave from Old Spice. So I pull up the bottle tonight. You guessed it. Propylene Glycol. Bye Bye Old Spice. I’m so glad my husband is gem and is so understanding. He’s changed so many things to accomodate my allergies and never makes me feel bad about all the restrictions as they affect him, too. It’s crazy how many things have PG in it.


  3. Before discovering what my allergy was, I was also getting very bad problems every night. My husband had switched deodorants, and we eventually figured out that was the culprit. That was one of the items I used to narrow my allergy to PG. Also, the sheets….detergent and fabric softener. My husband has also been wonderful about using different products that don’t bother me.

    It is everywhere!


  4. I don’t know if this holds true with others who have PG allergy but I’ve been tracking what I use in great detail noting the ingredients and reactions. I have narrowed down that I am not only allergic to PG but also allergic to propylene carbonate, a carbonate ester derivative from propylene glycol. Surprisingly, I found it in Protopic. I just caution those with this allergy to consider their medications from the dermatologist. I even found a RX foot cream (commonly used to treat fungal infections) from the derm to contain PG. I can get the exact name later on for anyone who wants it.

    How do I know I’m allergic to propylene carbonate? Because the several products that I used, some of which only had a few ingredients, had propylene carbonate in common. When I used them at different times, resting in-between, they all produced redness, itching, swelling especially on my eyes and the areas where I applied them. Last night, before I put this all together, I gave Protopic another try especially as I’m seeing the derm today. Within an hour the inner bends of my arms, the only place I applied it, were burning, turning red and itchy beyond belief. So I got out of bed, checked the tube and say polyglycol carbonate. I compared it to the list of products that gave me obvious reactions and one of those products also contained polyglycol carbonate. The other product contained PG. They say they haven’t found the carbonate to cause allergies according to lab studies but I’m fairly certain there’s a connection for me. Just want to pass it on in case someone else is having a similar issue. I hope I can bring some awareness to someone by sharing my experience.


  5. I was checking on another product that I had an allergic reaction to which contains phenoxyethanol. I tried it different times spacing it’s use a week apart and my eyes became swollen, red and itchy with each use. I found what I believe to be the offending ingredient, phenoxyethanol. Here’s an article on it as well as readers comments that I think you will find very interesting.


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  9. There is a replacement for Propylene Glycol for use in most anything that is not edible, and is derived naturally from corn sugar fermentation. Zemea. I sell Specialty Chemicals, raw materials to manufacturing. Zemea is the answer for many products and is price stable. We sell to manufacturing companies. Write your product, ask for Zemea, I would love to see PG in less products.


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